We Support Reforestation

For every pair of Shade Shack sunglasses sold, we will fund a tree to be planted through OneTreePlanted, a US-based non-profit organisation on a mission to help the environment.

One Tree Planted has projects in various regions around the world, and helps the following countries, whether it’s rebuilding forests, restoring the habitat of endangered animals and birds, or educating communities about forest management:

North America

US, Canada

Latin America

Brazil, Guatemala, Haiti


Australia, India, Indonesia


Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania

The non-profit organisation pools its donations then sends the funds to its reforestation partners (all of whom maintain a tree survival rate of 80%-90%). Planting takes place in a country’s rainy season, giving the tree the best chance of survival.

Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem. They help to clean the air we breathe by absorbing greenhouse gases and releasing oxygen; their presence reduces the risk of landslides and floods; and they provide hundreds of species with a place to live.

Shade Shack is committed to protecting the environment, and we will help One Tree Planted continue its dedicated work around the world. Let’s save the planet – one tree at a time!