About Us


Shade Shack was founded out of a love for travel, the environment and a big passion for sunglasses.

We believe there is far too much waste in the world, and with plastic a major contributor, we started the business with a core focus on supplying our customers with amazing sunglasses made from sustainable products.

We believe that every business has a social responsibility to give something back, and seeing as we are in the business of improving the environment, we have partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation that funds the planting of trees in Asia, Africa, North America and Latin America.

There are plenty of reasons why wooden and bamboo sunglasses were the only choice for Shade Shack. First up, they’re eco-friendly. Bamboo is the renewable, sustainable alternative choice to plastic and metal. It’s biodegradable, it can be recycled, and it doesn’t release toxic chemicals into the environment.

Bamboo is also incredibly lightweight – light enough even to float on water – but it’s actually a tougher material than steel, making our bamboo sunglasses from Shade Shack extremely durable.

The other great factor about Shade Shack sunglasses is that they’re water-resistant – even if they get wet, a little beeswax or oil applied every now and again will restore their elegant shine.

Shade Shack sunglasses are crafted from a variety of woods, including bamboo, ebony and rosewood. Here’s a brief rundown on each one and why they’re special:


Bamboo is an exceptionally lightweight material (technically a grass, not a wood!), that is the perfect choice for eco-friendly shades. It takes colour beautifully and looks fantastic.


Ebony is a bold, dark hardwood that polishes up to a luxury sheen. Ebony is the perfect pick for statement sunglasses.


A beautifully rich hardwood, with a medium texture and beguiling scent, rosewood is a stylish sunglasses choice.


If you like dark, warm shades of wood, walnut is the one for you. Expect rich tones and an appearance that will mature like a fine wine.


A light, creamy wood that can also have a reddish-gold hue, maple is a fine choice for our wooden sunglasses, thanks to its classy appearance.

Zebra wood

With its trademark stripes and interlocking grain pattern, there’s no mistaking zebra wood! It’s both a hard and a soft wood, and makes for very eye-catching sunglasses frames.

Skateboard wood

Skateboard wood is the one if you’re after bold, funky sunglasses. Multiple wood sheets are combined and compressed, showing off different layers of colour.

Shade Shack lets you express your stylish side while showing you care for the planet. Our eco-friendly sunglasses are built to last, and they’re the smart, socially conscious choice. Keep it Shade Shack.