The definitive list of bamboo products you can buy

Bamboo board


There’s increasing awareness of how the mass production of everyday objects we rely on impact the environment. Thankfully, this has led to a rise in alternatives that are less harmful to the planet, such as bamboo. Cultivating bamboo doesn’t require pesticides, for example. It also grows quickly, and absorbs more carbon dioxide than other trees. Choosing more sustainable materials is a small but positive way to make a change, and it’s easy to do. Here’s a list of bamboo products you can buy today:

1. Bamboo sunglasses

Not only are bamboo sunglasses much more environmentally friendly than plastic sunnies, they’re also extremely durable. Bamboo sunglasses come in a range of styles and colours, so it’s easy to find a pair to suit you.

2. Bamboo toothbrushes

Bamboo toothbrushes are eco-friendly and biodegradable, and they’ll get those teeth just as clean as your standard plastic brush. It’s worth making the switch.

3. Bamboo notepaper

bamboo paper

Bamboo is one of the few plants that can grow easily and begin the process of returning nutrients to the soil fast, making it a more environmentally friendly alternative to paper made from hardwood.

4. Bamboo clothing

Bamboo clothing is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its breathability and eco-friendly status. Despite what you might think, clothes made of bamboo are actually super soft and arguably comfier than cotton.

5. Bamboo yoga mats

Did you know that bamboo yoga mats absorb moisture quicker than those made from other materials? Now you don’t have to worry about slipping on your mat during your next vinyasa class.

6. Bamboo make-up and shaving brushes

Not only are bamboo brushes better for the planet, they’re also an elegant and modern addition to your toiletries bag. They look more expensive than they are, making them an ideal gift if you’re shopping on a budget.

7. Bamboo toilet roll

Yep – bamboo toilet roll really is a thing. It might be a little pricier than your average toilet roll, but it’s another easy way to make a positive difference to the environment.

8. Bamboo nappies

Bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, making it perfect for babies' nappies. As bamboo nappies are also biodegradable, this means mums and dads can take more control over their carbon footprint.

9. Bamboo watches

Bamboo watches offer sustainability and style. Whether you prefer your watches to look sleek and simple, or to make a bold statement, it won’t take long to find the right one.

10. Bamboo kitchen utensils

bamboo bowl

Want to add a touch of eco-friendly style to your kitchen? Bamboo kitchen accessories such as chopping boards, bowls, and mixing spoons are low-cost and look the part, too.

11. Bamboo coffee filters

If you find yourself getting through a good few cups of filter coffee every day, it’s worth switching to bamboo coffee filters. They’re the same as standard paper filters, but better for the environment. It’s a no-brainer, really.

12. Bamboo accessories for electronics

You’ve probably seen these before, as more and more of us opt for natural bamboo accessories for our phones and laptops. You can also buy keyboards and speakers made from bamboo, or upgrade to a bamboo computer mouse.

13. Bamboo beer and wine

Ever heard of booze made from bamboo? You might not find it at your local corner shop, but it’s worth trying when you get the chance. Bamboo wine is prepared either through brewing grains and bamboo dust, or through soaking bamboo in grain spirit. Some bamboo wine is actually matured inside living bamboo trunks.

14. Bamboo tea

You might be surprised to know that it’s possible to make tea from bamboo. Available as loose leaves or teabags, it’s supposedly good for your hair and nails, and helps keep your digestive system healthy.

15. Bamboo bedding and pillows

For a comfortable night's sleep, invest in breathable bamboo bedding and pillows. Bamboo sheets and duvet covers stay fresher for longer, and are silky soft to the touch. You’ll also sleep better knowing you’re helping the planet, so it’s a win-win.

16. Bamboo homewares and furniture

Bamboo chair

It’s possible to buy bamboo furniture such as chairs, tables, rugs, blinds – and pretty much any household furnishings you can imagine. These touches add a natural, down-to-earth feel to living spaces.

17. Bamboo flooring

As with bamboo furniture, bamboo flooring looks stylish and fresh. It’s also easy to maintain, although if you want to keep it looking perfect, it will need the occasional coat of varnish.

18. Bamboo car accessories

Bamboo car accessories include steering wheels, seat covers, floor mats and window shades. So, if you’re thinking of adding some interior flair to your car, make the sustainable choice and go for bamboo.

19. Bamboo musical instruments

Did you know that many music instruments are actually made from bamboo? In fact, bamboo is one the main materials used for crafting musical instruments, from ukuleles and guitars to flutes and harps.

20. Bamboo bikes and boards

Bamboo bikes are sturdy, but also light and comfortable. Their cool and contemporary aesthetic is an added bonus. For skaters and snowboarders, there are also plenty of bamboo boards to choose from out there.

bamboo bike

There’s a multitude of uses for bamboo, and no doubt the list will continue to grow as we continue to seek out eco-friendly alternatives and better ways to produce them. Choosing bamboo where you can will help you keep your carbon footprint down, and make the world a better – and more stylish – place.