The best wooden sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses

High-quality and inspired by nature? Yes. Fashion-forward and eco-friendly? Absolutely! Stylish and sustainable? Hell, yeah! Who says you can’t stay on trend while keeping your eyes on the planet? Here at Shade Shack, we’ve made a conscious commitment to all of the cautious consumers out there.

Every single pair of our sleek wooden sunglasses are created with environmentally sustainable materials that contribute to a globally growing effort to intentionally reduce our reliance on harmful materials, including plastic and some metals.

Shade Shack has a uniquely diverse range of the best wooden sunglasses on the market that not only look great but make you feel great, knowing that you’re doing your bit to help prolong the life of our planet. Still not convinced? Keep reading.

Yes, but are they durable?

100%! Whether sunglasses or everyday glasses, you want to know that what your purchasing is dependable – especially if they’re going to be worn all day – and durable. Despite its ultra-lightweight form, did you know that bamboo has a stronger structure than steel? This means that you can expect lifetime durability from your featherlight wooden glasses (but don't sit on them, OK?)

Microfibre cloth

Looking after your wooden shades

Speaking of which, how do you look after and maintain wooden sunglasses? Well, although you’ll be making a radical step towards improving the environment when you buy a pair of Shade Shack’s wooden glasses, changes to your cleaning routine won’t be quite as drastic.

As with any glasses, when it comes to lenses, avoid using abrasive materials such as tissue paper and instead opt for a microfibre lens cloth. Using a damp cloth and ensuring there is no excess water, wipe the frame of your glasses clean, pat dry with a towel and allow it to air dry for around half-an-hour or so.

Once your squeaky-clean shades are dry, apply a small amount of beeswax, walnut oil or even lip-balm to your microfibre or lint-free cloth and polish the wood. Your shades will be restored to their shimmering glory in no time!

While we don’t suspect you’ll be jumping headfirst into a pool or the sea when wearing your glasses, it is worth noting that our bamboo wooden sunglasses are water-resistant. In fact, our bamboo shades are jam-packed with advantages that are aligned with our ethical cause and driving force behind why Shade Shack are not only convinced, but more so compelled to bring our unique wooden glasses to market.

Our motivation and environmental cause

Globally, deforestation is a major issue that threatens the world’s most endangered wildlife animals, as well as the livelihood of nearly 2 billion people who rely on the benefits of forests, such as the production of oxygen, food, fresh water and shelter. Our planet loses a staggering 20 million acres of forest each year – that's equivalent to 27 football pitches every minute.

Forests play a critical role in helping to regulate the carbon dioxide that would otherwise freely bolster the ongoing negative changes in global climate patterns. It's important we assume responsibility for our role in this and take steps to combat them wherever possible, thus giving back to nature what we have taken.

Bamboo wood

How do our wooden glasses differ from those currently on the market?

When comparing our wooden sunglasses to ordinary plastic or metal sunglasses, there is no argument: bamboo is the most eco-friendly material for wooden sunglasses. Not only for its highly impressive growth rate – up to 1 foot in 24 hours – but for its sheer abundance!

Our carefully selected, entirely natural frames are made from renewable bamboo, which does its part in reducing greenhouse gases by absorbing more carbon dioxide than its plant-life counterparts and releasing more oxygen into the atmosphere. What’s more is the fact that the eco-friendly plant has a uniquely natural antibacterial and antimicrobial quality, which is great for those of us who perspire in the hot sun or have the naughty tendency to leave our glasses lying around!

Materials we also use include cork, which is also completely renewable, strong ‘skateboard wood’ which is a mixture of compressed bamboo and other woods, and ‘premium layered wood’ which allows for sleek, slim and streamlined sunnies.

Bamboo case

So, what do you say?

We’re all very excited and extremely proud of this project at Shade Shack, because we understand that you can be on-trend and still put sustainability first.

And it gets even better: if (and hopefully when) you choose to express your eco-friendly, fashion-forward-thinking with a pair of our wooden sunglasses, not only will you be making your contribution to our planet, you’ll be donating to our equally and personally important endeavour to cure blindness in children. We've pledged that every pair of wooden sunglasses sold will cure a child’s sight.