The best sunglasses for festivals

Bamboo sunglasses

At Shade Shack, we’re all too aware of the necessity of a pair of sunglasses on a day-to-day basis. However, they’re an absolute must when attending music festivals.

As well as protecting your eyes from the sun and blocking invisible UV rays, they are the go-to accessory to make your selfies pop. There are so many options when it comes to deciding which style to go with. Having said this, we can proudly attest to our range of glasses having both the look and feel-good factor.

Each frame is made entirely from sustainable wood, while each lens packs a protective punch with its top-notch UV protection. What’s more, with each pair purchased, we’ve pledged to cure a child’s sight.

With festival season around the corner, we’re not only keeping our eyes on the line-up, our eyes are also peeled on the latest sunglasses! We’ve pulled together a few suggestions and styles that will ensure you and your glasses make it through the much-anticipated festival season.

The Thematic Approach


Let’s face it, sunglasses are a non-negotiable, must-have accessory in the summer months. And as well as opting for sunglasses that are comfortable and easily wearable throughout the day, we suggest taking the durability factor seriously, too.

We recommend steering clear of rocking up to the festival in your most expensive pair, but this doesn’t mean compromising the overall look, because after all, it is the sunglasses that tie the outfit together, right? That said, there’s always the option to match your musical taste with your style:

Flower Power – you can’t go wrong with boho chic! Can we even call it a festival without feathers, free-flowing hair and floral-rimmed sunglasses?

Rock’n’Roll – denim shorts, leather jackets, boots and black sunglasses do the trick!

RnB/Hip Hop – keep it cool, keep it casual. While all that’s usually required is a baggy logo tee and trainers, there’s no reason why a classic pair of bold, black sunglasses can’t finish the look.

Electronic – did somebody say neon? Electronic festivals are great for showcasing your expression through colour and the case is no different when it comes to your shades. Feel free to experiment with the entire range of coloured and mirrored lenses without anyone batting an eyelid!

The Stylistic Approach

Chamonix sunglasses

90s' style – channel all the 90s' retro vibes with small and skinny sunglasses that have quickly become essential to any throwback wardrobe. This vintage style will help you seamlessly blend into any music festival.

Aviator/Pilot – synonymous with 1930s' air-force style, these timeless trend-proof sunnies will never go out fashion. So if you want to show up to the festival looking effortlessly cool, regardless of lens colour or music genre, these should be at the top of your list.

Browline – rock a pair of bold and classy browline sunglasses while you rock out at the music festival. This popular style has been trending since it first emerged in the 1950s and shows no sign of slowing down.

Butterfly – stand out from the crowd in these stylish, ultra-feminine oversized shades. Let the uniquely shaped butterfly-wing frames help you flutter away as you get lost in the music and all-round good vibes.

Cat-eye – a fresh take on a flashback to Hollywood glamour, cat-eye sunglasses will add a chic touch of class to your festival look. Whether you opt for the strong 1950s' swoop or prefer more of the subtle cat-eye shape that emerged in the 1980s, these enduring glasses have not only stood the test of time, they will endure the festival season!

St Tropez womens sunglasses

Oval – whether oversized or regular size, add a touch of retro quirkiness to your fun festival apparel with oval-shaped sunglasses.

Rectangle – if your festival outfit needs an injection of classic style, you’re going to want to accessorise with versatile, rectangular-shaped frames – and you can pick a lens colour to complete the look.

Rimless/Semi-rimless – irrespective of the shape, rimless or semi-rimless glasses will complement any festival outfit, no matter how outlandish or conservative you decide to go!

Round – think John Lennon. Nothing represents creativity and free-spiritedness like the simplicity of a rounded pair of sunnies.

Shield – arguably sci-fi looking, the daring shield-style sunglasses are a striking statement and testament to your gutsy festival wear!

Square – on trend in both oversized and regular variations, square frames are an eternal fashion favourite. These are ideal for long summer days spent outdoors.

Tulum sunglasses

Festival Style

Whether you’re heading to Coachella or Glastonbury, Tomorrowland or Primavera or keeping it local, you’re now equipped with a range of themes and styles you can reference at any time to ensure you complete your festival look with the perfect pair of sunglasses.