How to choose the right sunglasses for your face shape

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Can you believe some people actually think they don’t suit sunglasses? Everybody can look fantastic in a pair of perfectly chosen shades, but there is a knack to selecting the right pair – and it all hinges on face shape. If you don’t know which face shape you have, read our handy guide below then see if our suggestions for sunglass styles can change your mind if you’ve been avoiding wearing sunnies. Just remember, it’s all about proportion, style and a healthy dose of confidence.



Diamond faces feature a narrow forehead and chin with prominent cheekbones being the widest part of the face. Because of the angular nature of these striking faces, soft curves need to be added in, which is where the perfect shades come in. Shade styles to look for: oval and rimless sunglasses are ideal for diamond faces, as they will complement the width and height of the cheekbones. The only thing to be careful of is not selecting frames wider than the face – wraparound styles would be unsuitable.


Heart-shaped faces are widest at the forehead and taper down to the chin. Also called triangle faces, these can be balanced out by choosing sunglasses that draw attention down to the lower part of the face as opposed to the width of the forehead. Shade styles to look for: anything without a straight top edge. Cat-eye, aviator and rimless options all work well and bring balance to the face. Wraparound styles are not advisable, as they emphasise a wide forehead.



Long narrow faces are generally curve and angle-free, making them particularly good for larger or more defined sunglasses frames. Able to wear some of the bolder designs, long faces have their pick of many frames that other face shapes simply do not suit. Shade styles to look for: wraparound, square, rectangle and Wayfarer designs all work well with the bold jawline and proportional forehead of a long face. Round frames will get lost on a long face and create the illusion of smaller eyes, so they are best avoided.


Gently curved and perfectly proportional, oval faces are the luckiest of the bunch as they can wear just about any frame style. The only thing to be careful of is not hiding the features of the face too much, as they are most likely to enjoy a high degree of symmetry. Shade styles to look for: Any shape and style will work, but try to choose those that cover from eyebrows to cheekbones and not too much more.


Round faces tend to be a little shorter and wider, so you’ll want to focus on adding in some sharp contours that create the illusion of length and definition. With this in mind, avoid small, round frames that draw attention to a mirrored face shape. Shade styles to look for: angular designs work really well with round faces, so look for rectangular, square and wraparound styles. If you keep them high on the temples and add a little colour, they will be especially effective, and can help to create the illusion of sharper cheekbones.



With a strong jawline and comparable forehead width, square faces have a certain authority to them, but softening the overall effect can be as simple as choosing the right sunglasses. Steering clear of square and rectangle frames is key.

Shade styles to look for: anything curved and a little softer. Aviators, round and cat-eye sunglasses will work beautifully, blurring the edges of a strong and defined face shape.


Anyone can rock a pair of stylish sunglasses, if you know which styles will suit and complement your face shape. Add in a little confidence and some eco-friendly materials and you’ve got a recipe for sartorial success with a sustainable twist.