Eco-friendly essentials for festivals



As the sun starts to make an appearance earlier in the day and temperatures begin to verge on fresh, not freezing, festival fans turn their attention to the busy year ahead.

Choosing the right wellie/mac/straw-hat combo used to be a major concern, closely followed by which artists to see, but today, something new is filling the heads of music lovers – festival fun with a sustainable edge. It’s no longer enough to be seen at the right events, wearing a relaxed version of this year’s trends; now, your eco-credentials need to be on display, too.

Here’s our selection of eco-friendly festival essentials:

Keep your wellies, ditch the guilt

You can’t plan a festival stay without acknowledging that wellies WILL be an essential part of your kit. Instead of plumping simply for fashionable boots, however, why not invest in a pair made by a company motivated by green initiatives? Gumleaf Wellingtons are made from natural products, in a carbon-aware woodchip-powered factory. They're even tested by working farmers, so you know they’re up to the challenge of keeping you dry.

Fresh food and drinks without the fuss

water bottles

While there will be endless food trucks to tempt you, taking your own food and drink containers with you will cut down the amount of waste you create. One Green Bottle specialises in stainless-steel lunchboxes and insulated water containers that help you stay energised, but without topping up overflowing bins with cardboard trays and plastic bottles. Look out for water refill stations and say no to single-use materials for good.

Wear your heart on your rucksack

A festival favourite for years now, the Fjällräven Kånken rucksack has been given an eco makeover. The new Re-Kånken looks the same as the handy backpacks we all know and love, but with the added twist that it has been made exclusively from recycled plastic bottles. Even more impressive is that in the future, when the bag has carried its last load, it can be fully recycled again.

Protect your eyes and the environment

Come rain or shine, festival-goers know that no outfit is complete without a pair of shades. Getting the right balance of style, protection, price and green credentials might sound like a thankless task, but Shade Shack makes the whole process simple. The various ranges of sustainable shades are hard to choose between but the striped skateboard-wood designs are perfect for making a statement, both environmentally and stylishly.

Lacanau womens

Sleep with a clear conscience

You might be able to pick up a tent for less than a pair of shoes these days, but they aren’t built to last. Say no to a disposable mindset by buying or hiring a canvas and bamboo yurt. Hearthworks, a Glastonbury-based company with festival culture at its core, offers a wide range of options and if few of you share, the costs are very reasonable. There’s even a pop-up version, for extra convenience.

With so many festivals now committing to doing their bit for the environment, it falls to festival-goers to do the same. Images of post-event carnage, showing fields strewn with plastic bottles and rubbish need to be a thing of the past. Taking an interest in eco-friendly festival essentials is the first step towards a far more sustainable existence and it doesn’t hurt that you can look great while doing it, too!