Animals in sunglasses

If there’s one thing guaranteed to make us crack a smile even on the dullest days, its cute animals posing in sunglasses. There’s just something about how hilarious – yet how adorable – dogs, cats and all kinds of animals can look when strutting around in a sassy pair of shades.

Animals know how to steal the spotlight, and by balancing human sunglasses on their little faces and working that camera, they’ve certainly captured our hearts.

Need a giggle? Take a scroll at some of these super-cool animals having a pose in their trendy shades.

I am fashion

Headscarf? Check. Oversized sunnies? Check. New York Fashion Week? Oh come on, I’m already there, darling…

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Self confidence is my favourite outfit #iggyjoey

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Strike the pose

This Sphynx has all the swag, thanks to the pair of perfectly round sunglasses perched on the nose, and a whole lotta fur.

Like dog, like human

Just a chihuahua casually getting papped, rocking a pair of stylish sunglasses in Paris better than its dad.

Don’t mess with Alpacas

If you dare remove my sunnies, alpaca will punch!

Hedgehog love

Just peepin’ up to check everyone’s OK…

So piggin’ adorable

This little piggy is just chillin’.

Family portrait

Just another annual family photo, cat-eye shades in tow.

As it appears, it’s not just humans who need their eyes protecting from the sun! Cats, dogs, alpacas, hedgehogs and pigs alike also benefit from hiding those peepers.

Luckily for them, they’ve managed to successfully borrow a pair from their human friends and pull off the look adorably!